Chocolate for Vagabonds

I love CHOCOLATE... 
This is a raw chocolate recipe and it is healthy, creamy, chocolatey, easy and delicious.
So quick and a great way to have your coconut oil daily!

There has been a lot of research on cold pressed coconut oil and its health benefits.
You can find out about it online. I encourage you to have a tablespoon
of it every day for good general health .
 I saw a video of a man who took it for h is advanced Alzheimer's and after a couple of months he was considerably healthier and almost symptom free.
I also read that it helps you to slim, so, based on that and the sweet aroma, 
I do have it daily but it can get boring, so when Anita offered me this raw chocolate recipe and I jumped for joy and made a video showing how to make it step by step! 
Watch the video and see how incredibly simple it is to make it!!!

You will need:
the same quantities of good quality, extra virgin coconut oil and cocoa powder
Honey{or any sweetener you choose} to your taste

coarse sea salt, nuts, marmalade, dried fruits, crystalized ginger, goji berries, granulated coffee, spices like cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, chillies, a drop or two of organic essential oils of your taste like: peppermint, bergamot, orange, basil, black pepper, lavender, jasmine, rose
Please, click here to see how easy it is to make this.

Be creative, have fun and get healthy.
Seriously, it cannot get any better than this!!!

Mix the oil, cocoa powder and honey 
and add any spices or oils to the mix until all is mixed well

This is what it looks like, it very is easy to mix

 Add a pinch of course sea salt, nuts, berries, dried fruits 
or whatever you fancy to the flexy ice tray

 and fill it with the chocolate mixture

Leave it in the freezer for about 10/15 minutes and then it is ready to eat
 {also you can leave them there until you fancy your fix for the day
and try not steal a bombom every time you walk past your kitchen}
ps- delicious with your coffee

See how easily it comes off the tray?

 Anita checking the sweetness of the first batch

 Christopher having a little sample for 'quality control'

 You can dip fruits on it, it is a very healthy and yummy 
way of getting your kids to eat fruit !!!


Moo Krob หมูกรอบ {Crispy Belly of Pork}

My friend Gai took me to this place in Kad Luang {Warorot Market} in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to have a special dinner. It was a great evening and I feel in love with this dish, even more than I already loved it on the numerous times I had before.
The family is Chinese and the recipe has been handed down for generations.

I went back the week after to have some more. And then I did it again...
Until I went over there to film it and show you what the place looks like and also to get a chance to watch her cut the slices with such maestri.
{click here to watch the short video}

As I stood there waiting for her to cut my portion, these 2 slabs came out of the kitchen. 
I was as happy as I can be... I was there for about 10 minutes watching people come and go 
and I sampled it hot from the oven...

She was too busy to talk to me, as you can see on the video
I wanted to ask about what seasoning she uses and how many of these 
they sell every night, amongst other things. 
In the 10 minutes I stood near the chopping board, she sold the 2 bellies 
from the picture you see above. 
The restaurant is open {and incredibly busy} from 6pm to 4am everyday...
Can you calculate how many????


Food for the Soul...

As I sit at the back of the temple, 
I hear the chanting on a hot early evening
and I close my eyes for a while.
Concentrating on my breath, my thoughts come and go 
and I realize how blessed I am to be able to hear the chants of the novices and monks dressed in saffron robes in such peaceful and beautiful surroundings.
Smiling inside, I allow the sounds of their voices to penetrate my Being and feed my Soul...

{please click here to listen to a minute of chanting in a temple in Laos under the gaze of Buddha}


Shameless and Decadent Chocolate Heaven

Open your secret treats cupboard and chop in tiny {about 1 cm square} all the chocolate, chocolate biscuits, seeds and toasted salted nuts you love roughly and then add everything that is yummy and fold it carefully into the slightly softened ice cream... {please click here  to watch the video on how to make it}.

I have actually thought of adding a little shot of vanilla vodka on top of the dessert just before serving and it was just delicious but it is TOTALLY optional.

You can use any flavour of ice cream and add any liquor {if using} you may wish...
You can also add a scoop of this divine and decadent dessert on top of a very hot and strong coffee or pour the coffee on the ice cream...
So yummy... 

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!!