Into Pink...

When I woke up yesterday, I put on my pink flowery slippers and went straight to my garden to check if the nest I had touched by accident the other day had been neglected.
I was very pleased to see the baby birds where there tucked into the nest. Mummy bird, from the top of the recently pruned roses, stares at me in a cheeky way, watching her new born ones. 
I was not aware that if one moved or touched the nest the mummy bird would abandon the babies.
You see, as I am working in the garden, I moved some overgrown ivy and nearly dropped the nest that was hiding behind it.
I left them some poppy seeds and oatbran that have disappeared and some water nearby but I am not sure if she has been drinking it or giving it to them.
They have grown so much in the last day I am hoping it was the easy food and water...

My gerbera is looking nice and it is deep red with hues of fucsia.
The garden gate is now vivid beet coloured as I bought the wrong paint.
I decided to paint a pot with the pink spray I had left from my shopping trip to the arts shop around the corner to make the day even pinker.
So, inspired by all this pinky.ness, I put on the stove a nice beetroot and fresh dill soup and made some tsatsiki to serve with some radishes and organic beetroot crudites.

What a Divine Pink Day it was and all that whilst kissed by the Sun...

I followed on the pink mood today... Going with my to an antique market to see what fine China I could find to add to my already beautiful collection for when I open the One Table Restaurant in my home...

What more could a girl ask for???

 ♥ Little Birds ♥ Look...Get Closer... 

If you live in London {or want to fly me to where you live }, You will soon be able to book
your table to eat Fabulous food in fabulous Vintage China...


♥ For the Fig Lovers ♥

Grilled Fig, Goat Cheese and Lavender Honey Bruschetta...

This came out of a fig loving inspired moment.
It is easy to prepare and very simple, but it looks sophisticated and it wows everyone who tries or looks at it!!!!
I normally use lavender or orange flower honey, but on this day we had some stem ginger on the fridge and I drizzled it with its syrup. It was Delicious!!!

You will need:

4 slices of bread {for this particular photo we only had granary, but I usually use a day old baguette}
4 tablespoons of boursin {goats cheese - the best} or cream cheese
1 ripe large fig cut in 4 lengthwise with skin on
2 tablespoons of lavender, orange flower or your favourite honey or steam ginger syrup
Few cress leaves, any baby sprouts or edible flowers, I suggest Borage as it contrasts beautifully with the Figs

Prepare all the ingredients before you begin cooking the bread and the figs.

Using a hot griddle pan, toaster or a grill, toast the bread until you get marks on it but without drying it {I normally do one side only until it is toasted and the other one just so it is warm}.
Meanwhile, on a hot griddle or non stick pan add the figs with the cut sides down for a few minutes or until you see it is darkened a bit {a couple of minutes in high heat for each side} and turn.

When the bread and the figs are ready, put one tablespoon of the cheese on top of the softer side of the bread without making it too even, the perfect movement of your hand should look like you are 'cleaning the spoon' on the bread. Put a quarter of the fig on top of the rustically spread cheese and drizzle very scarcely with the honey or stem ginger syrup {maximum 2/3 teaspoon}.

Decorate elegantly with the leaves or flowers {or both} and serve immediately, preferably with Champagne or a good Prosecco...