Scallops with Chorizo

Cooking does not have to be complicated, elaborate or boring!
You can get big flavours with simple ingredients.
I had this ready in less than 5 minutes.
Just make sure everything is at room temperature.

Please take a moment to read the instructions for cooking before you start making it.

You will need:

6 scallops
6 pieces or slices of chorizo {I used sliced as it was all I had here but prefer the pieces/chunks spicy/hot}
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
A squeeze of fresh lemon {optional but it does bring some zing to the dish}

Option 1 - Chorizo pieces: Heat a griddle pan, wok or frying pan until it is almost at smoking point and add the chorizo pieces and olive oil. Mix it until the chorizo releases its oils {about 30 seconds} and add the scallops, stir and let it cook undisturbed for about 1 minute and then turn them over for another minute and turn the heat off. Serve and squeeze the lemon, if using it.

Option 2 - Chorizo slices: Heat the pan of your preference like above. Add olive oil and scallops and cook them undisturbed for one minute then turn the scallops over and add the sliced chorizo, stir and cook for another minute and turn the heat off. Serve and squeeze the lemon, if using it.

You can add black pepper if you wish and some chopped parsley or even garlic if that is what you want. When I made it this time, I went for the big and yet simple flavours.

When I do use garlic, I chop it roughly and add it before I turn the scallops over, so it does not cook the garlic too much. If using parsley, I add it just before turning the heat of and stir. I sprinkle the black pepper right at the end too as I love its raw earthy fragrance.

Serve with a salad, a slice of toasted bread or both ...

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