Moo Krob หมูกรอบ {Crispy Belly of Pork}

My friend Gai took me to this place in Kad Luang {Warorot Market} in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to have a special dinner. It was a great evening and I feel in love with this dish, even more than I already loved it on the numerous times I had before.
The family is Chinese and the recipe has been handed down for generations.

I went back the week after to have some more. And then I did it again...
Until I went over there to film it and show you what the place looks like and also to get a chance to watch her cut the slices with such maestri.
{click here to watch the short video}

As I stood there waiting for her to cut my portion, these 2 slabs came out of the kitchen. 
I was as happy as I can be... I was there for about 10 minutes watching people come and go 
and I sampled it hot from the oven...

She was too busy to talk to me, as you can see on the video
I wanted to ask about what seasoning she uses and how many of these 
they sell every night, amongst other things. 
In the 10 minutes I stood near the chopping board, she sold the 2 bellies 
from the picture you see above. 
The restaurant is open {and incredibly busy} from 6pm to 4am everyday...
Can you calculate how many????

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