May I Live in Peace and Love

May I be safe and free from fear

May I be care for myself with joy and ease

May I be cared for and supported

May I achieve my heart's desire

May I know in my heart that I am worthy of love

May I love myself

May I love myself as I would my friend

May I be loved and appreciated

May I awaken and be liberated from suffering 

Happy 2013


Yum Cai Dao...Delicious Egg Fried Salad

My newly found dish.
I have been eating this quite frequently because of my high protein diet and I can say this is so tasty, 
you will never look back after you have tried.

In Thailand, everyone makes it differently and last night it was the first time I ate it with minced pork. Please ignore the pork in this picture, as it is normally a recipe for 'vegetarians'. Over here vegetarians have fish and oyster sauce and are not as purists as the ones back home. But if you wish to put some minced pork, because it is actually delicious with it, go ahead and stir fry it for a minute or so {separately} and add to the salad when mixing it all.

To watch a video on how to make this, by Fon, my talented friend, please click here}

You will need:

2 crispy fried eggs {still warm and fluffy} chopped in 6 chunks {or whole} and yolks cooked but not too much
1/2 sliced onion
1 wedged tomato
2 tablespoons of roughly chopped celery leaves and also some of the thin stalks that hold them {optional}
1 cup chopped lettuce {optional}
1 spring onion chopped in 1 inch pieces{optional}
1 tablespoon freshly cut coriander leaves {optional}

4 tablespoons fish sauce {nam pla}
4 tablespoons fresh lime juice
4 tablespoons of palm or demerara sugar {if using, and yes, it does make a difference}
1 or 2 red chilli bashed with a pestle and mortar
1 or 2  cloves of garlic 

Combine all dressing ingredients and bash them roughly on the mortar. Adjust to your taste. Mix with all the solid ingredients and serve immediately for a delicious side dish or a light and refreshing main meal you will never forget!!!!


Sawadee...Yes, I am in Asia!!! again...

Sawadee Ka

As you can see, I am in Thailand again...
So many flavours, colours and textures it is hard to describe it all.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...
Come and have fun with me...


São Paulo... Street Food...

São Paulo, Brazil... Street Food

When you walk around São Paulo, the city where I was born in Brazil, 
it is very easy to get distracted by the amount of sky scrapers and the traffic jams.
I prefer to get distracted by all the food from the corner bars or street vendors.
Unfortunately, they are only common nowadays in the commercial areas, rarely found on residential areas, which is a shame...I guess it is a sign of the times...

I thought it would be a good idea to show to you some of the most popular foods 
you come across whilst walking around. 
After all São Paulo is known for being the place where you can get any food 
you wish at anytime of the day or night.
As I went from A to B, I clicked and sampled the savoury foods that manage to make me homesick whilst I travel...

 my favourite...

I can eat up to three or four of those in one sitting. Yes I am greedy, it is a known fact.
This time, I found a place tat sells about 300 of them a day, and I was lucky enough to walk in just when a fresh batch had been  sent from the kitchen to the counter...It was perfect...
It is usually made with shredded chicken breast, onions,  flat leaf parsley, salt and black pepper. The filling is usually light and delicious engulfed by mashed potates coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. You will find this in every corner and it is something like an obcession with the locals. Usually you have an option with or without catupiry {cheese}. I can be very inovative in many many ways, but in this case I am a purist, so I always opt for the non cheesy one.

Usually you can see a japanese person involved either on the sales or on the making of this deep fried patty. I guess it is an adaptation of the guiozas, as we have a masssive japanese influence in Sao Paulo, nothing less than the largest japanese population outside Tokyo.
You can find them in any street market. It is almost sacred and I do not know anyone who does not like a good pastel. There are even sponsored competitions yeary to determine 
who makes the best pastel in São Paulo.
A pastel looks like those wallets women take to weddings and are generally not oily and the dough is crispy and thin. The fillings can range from sauteed minced meat with olives and boiled eggs, ham, cheese, green vegetables, italian sausage, palm hearts, sshredded chicken and they even go into the realms of dessert with delicious flavours 
like banana and cinnamon, chocolate and dolce de leche. 

This comes from the arab and turkish communities that populate Sampa 
{a local nickname for São Paulo}.
Originally made with minced meat and onions, this baked mini pizza like snack is served on its own, but by habit, we always have at the counter tahine dressing, 
lime quarters and chilli sauce. You season your own.
You can also have it the  closed, patty like version of this.
 Some other fillings are also popular, like cheese, zaatar, sauteed greens and walnuts and some even like to add pine nuts and/or sultanas to the vegetarian version.

Also found everywhere where you get the snacks above. 
It is a esfiha cousin, also an arab like snack.
Minced beef or lamb {in Brazil we use beef} with bulgur {cracked wheat} and mint and other spices. Served with a quartered lime. So yummy!!!

Pão de Queijo
It is a cheese bread made with tapioca flour. 
It is only worth eating if served piping hot in my humble opinion or it is like stale dough. 
From the State of Minas Gerais. Our country side influence...

Chicken Gizzards,
 chicken wings and other stewed meats or sweet breads
are found in the bars of less privileged areas. 
They are served hot either with fluffy garlicky white rice or white sliced bread.

Hot dogs
They speak for themselves, but in São Paulo, the vendors go to lengths of adding mashed potatoes to the bun...Lashings of mustard and tomato and onion salsa. Actually, very nice.

Popcorn Heaven
The vendors are always outside cinemas, schools, tube, rain and stations, gigs and ramdom corners...They have always the option of sweet {toffee} or savoury.
Sometimes they also sell home made crisps as well as popcorn.
Recently, they have taken to frying bacon in the oil and then popping the corn
in that oil. It is simply amazing...