Nasturtium Leaves Salad

Simple, Delicate, Unusual and Deliciously Organic
Such an easy and tasty salad to prepare
 I decided I would start using up my fridge contents, all inspired on an article I had just read on food waste on single people's homes.
In the fridge, I had buffalo mozzarella, all alone and waiting to be eaten, cherry tomatoes that are tiny and sweet, which always keep in the fridge, and, with no leaves in sight, I visited my little veranda, which I proudly keep at home and that provides me with some organic edible plants and flowers. Luckily, I saw that the Nasturtiums* needed pruning...
Lightly seasoned with truffled olive oil {which still grows on me} and salt flakes...
I truly enjoyed it and I hope I can always count on my verandah's prunings.
Eating Your Own Produce is One of Life's True Great  Pleasures...

1 buffalo mozzarella of about 4 cm diameter  {bocconcini} torn in half
6 ripe cherry tomatoes {washed and cut in half}
1 cup of nasturtium leaves {rocket or watercress leaves also delicious}
Extra Virgin Olive Oil {or truffled, if you like something that resembles the taste of a gas leak}
Salt Flakes to taste

Plate it in a pretty disposition and season it
Serve and wait for all the Smiles, including your own

*Healthy, the flowers and the leaves of the nasturtium plant are very efficient in tonifying the lungs, therefore being of great help when you have the flu, coughs, which I honestly hope it is not the case...They boost the immune system and their mildly spicy and warm leaves are great for stimulating digestion, but if consumed in excess quantity they can upset the stomach and the urinary track. 
Like with everything, use it with moderation...

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