London, My Lovely London...

Again I say goodbye to London.
This time I say it for one whole year...
It will, like always does, go faster than we can blink.
It has been an exciting year, very different from the years before.
London for me is timeless and one of my three homes.
My heart is like a pizza, that has three flavours : Brazil, London and Thailand.
I am leaving behind a lot of new things and people and some others that I already knew and i know that some of them will be here waiting for me when I get back.
I am taking with me a newly found source of power, an open heart, love, confidence and excitement...

It seems like my life is a tribute at this moment. So here goes one for London 


  1. Fotos lindas, texto lindo! Uma delícia de "stay"!

    1. Londres ...ah...sempre uma boa "stay"!!!!!
      obrigada Miriam xx

  2. Admiro e respeito seu amor pela culinária! O sabor e o aroma faz-se diferente por isso! Parabéns!

  3. Boas fotos!! ;)

  4. obrigada!!!!! querida amiga!!! bjs