Kafta with Harissa and Mint Leaves ♥♥♥

Today I went to a supermarket where I do not normally shop.

I had to get something near it and decided to check this Tunisian place out.

Almost drooling with all the varieties of fresh and very colourful vegetables, I walked around as Happy as I can be.

I got some crunchy radishes, lime green long peppers of which I do not know the name, fresh ripe vine tomatoes and some bunches of flat leaf parsley, coriander and mint and a small tin of Harissa which is a Tunisian paste made with chillies, spices and herbs, for some change of flavours.

I looked at the meat counter and saw some ready to cook Kafta. It laid on a tray with all the herbs and red colours next to some lean plain minced lamb and beef. It looked very inviting...

I am now, the proud owner of gas BBQ and decided to make a lean Kafta of my own.
As, I am on a high protein diet, near my ideal weight and do not want to cheat, I bought the beef which is leaner than the lamb.

I was surprised by the most delicious minced dish I ever prepared.
It was put together in less than 5 minutes, so I Know I will be doing this when I am in a hurry !!!!!!!

Here is the approximate recipe.
If you do not have or like any of the following ingredients, please feel free to adapt...

You will need:

400g of minced meat
1 beaten egg white
2 teaspoons of Harissa paste
a pinch of chilli powder {optional}
3 tablespoons of freshly chopped mint
2 tablespoons of freshly chopped parley
1 tablespoon of freshly chopped coriander
1 heap teaspoon of powdered coriander seeds
salt {I used low sodium} and freshly cracked pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients well {I always use my hands} and form balls the size of your fist. Throw the mixture a couple of times from one hand to another with some strength as this remove the air bubbles out of it and allows it to stick to the skewer. Mold the skewers with the minced mix.
Oil a dish very, very lightly to allow the Kaftas to rest for on top a while and let the meat to soak all  the flavours {you can actually leave it marinading overnight, but I was desperately hungry, so I did not}.
Light your BBQ or heat a griddle pan.

Cut some vegetables {I had radishes, tomatoes and cucumber}and put on a serving dish with a dollop of greek yoghurt next to a tablespoon of Harissa.
I also put on the BBQ the lime green peppers I bought today {whole} and served with it...Soooo good...

Grill the skewers until they are cooked to your taste and serve immediately. 
I like my meat slightly charred on the outside and as rare as I can get on the inside.

I ate with my hands, as do as frequently as I possibly can, smudging the Kaftas in the Harissa and yoghurt and alternating bites of the crunchy vegetables and the delicious meat...

If you can have an ice cold beer with it, I think you may think you died and gone to Heaven...