Roast Garlic

I normally make this at home every week as garlic is my favourite ingredient.
For sure I make this every time I have my oven on for savoury food.

It is very easy and quick.
Basically I separate huge cloves of garlic {do not peel them} and put them on a tray with olive oil, rock salt and only a little bit of oregano or/and thyme, a crushed bay leaf and a twist or two of freshly ground pepper.

The oven is pre-heated somewhere between 180 to 200 degrees Celsius.
I let it roast until the desired colour and texture for about 20/30 minutes {try squeezing it with your fingers or a spoon to see how soft it is}. 

Sometimes I allow it to cook a little more so it becomes soft and the garlic inside is like a paste.
It squirts as you press the garlic... it is such fun !
Try it !!!

This can be eaten on toasted bread, added to salads, soups, roast meat or as you like it.

I am known to eat it on its own as I am preparing dinner or reading a book!!!