Thai Hot and Sour Sauce

This sauce is in every table at any of the noodle soup stands in the whole of Thailand.
When you order a noodle soup here they give you a set of four little pots so you can adjust your own soup's seasoning to your taste. In general, you get sugar {in this picture is demerara for a deeper flavour}, dried chillies, vinegar with chopped green chillies and the hot and sour sauce {to watch a short video on how to make it, please click here}.
This one is the easiest and delicious recipe for spicy sauce.

You will need:

Red and green chillies {washed and you can keep the stalk on if they are thin, please look at this video}
Rice vinegar 

Use a handful of chillies and twice the volume of chillies of vinegar. Put everything in a liquidizer and blitz it for 30 seconds and it is then ready to be served.
It will keep for about a week in the fridge and it is best served at room temperature.
I also like to sprinkle it on my BBQ or roast chicken, though some of my Thai friends look at me like I am an alien when I do that.
I don't care what anybody says. In fact, I have to pace myself so I do not drink it...
It is delicious....
Have fun making it!!!!
Let me know what you think!

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