Pad Thai Inspired Noodles

This a Pad Thai inspired Shiritake Noodle Dish, I am still on my high protein diet, remember?
It still tastes divine and if you are not on this diet, or any other diet, please use normal rice noodles, add a little more oyster and fish sauce and double the oil. Oh, and spread chopped salted peanuts on top after it is ready, which will make this dish transform itself from Really Nice to Heavenly...

You will need:

1 packet of Shiritake Noodles {washed drained and boiled twice before draining again}
or {If you are using rice noodles, buy the dry flat ones unless you find the real deal fresh from some Asian supermarket {and tell me where you find it} and let it steep in cold water for 20 minutes before draining it and reserving to stir fry it later
6 big prawns {headed, raw and deveined} or 50g chicken strips {or both}
10 gr spring onions
30 gr bean sprouts
2 cloves of garlic {smashed and chopped}
1 or 2 organic free range eggs
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon of chilli paste
2 tablespoons of fish sauce {nam pla}
1/2 teaspoon sugar {I use 4 drops of liquid stevia}
3 teaspoons tamarind paste
1/4 cup water
1 pinch of white pepper

Lime quarters to squeeze when served
Chopped salted peanuts to top when served
Chopped chiili in rice vinegar to add as you serve, if you wish

On a very hot, non stick frying pan or wok, heat the oil and add the garlic until it is fragrant, taking care not to burnt it.  Add the prawns or chicken until cooked {change of colour to pink}.
Add the noodles and the water and tamarind paste, mix well until the water is almost gone. Season with oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and chilli and stir very well. Push everything to one side of the pan and on the bare side that you just created, crack the egg{s}, spread it{them} around the pan and add the bean sprouts and spring onions. Add the white pepper and stir until all is mixed.
Serve at once, topped with the peanuts  {if your diet allows you}, more chillies and a squeeze of lime juice to your taste...

I am here dreaming of an ice cold Leo beer to go with it, sitting on the curb in Bangkok watching the world go by... I cannot describe the Peace it gives me... Oh, what a nice thought...

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