Art and Beauty...

The day before I left Waiheke in New Zealand, I was taken to visit an artist's studio.
It was near the beach and it looked gorgeous from the outside. 
As I stepped into the cozy, beautiful room, I noticed all the gorgeous paintings, all for sale and I, for the first time in a while wished I was settled somewhere so I could hang one of them in my wall.
As I walked around, I spotted my favourite book by a vibrant colour palette and that made me smile. I love those little details that cross my path ever so often.
Our meeting has inspired me to get all my colours out and get drawing again.
No wonder her work has been sold to people from all over the world.

Ingrid, the talented, lovely and inspired artist was kind enough to let me show you what 
Food for the Eyes, Heart and Soul looks like.

Below are some of her acrylic paintings and her contacts, 
should you want any of them shipped to your home!!! 

You can contact Ingrid Berzins
on 0274 935 407

Her studio/gallery is at 39 Palm Road
Palm Beach, Waiheke Island
Auckland, NZ

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