Herbal Spread...Waiheke's Best....

Sometimes you find some tastes that take you to Heaven.
I am lucky to have found Waiheke Herbs spread on the day I arrived in Waiheke, New Zealand.
It is as green, gorgeous and fresh as the Island itself.
It has left a beautiful taste in my mouth as Waiheke has left in my heart...

Wendy, the alchemist who created the Divine recipe, has studied herbs for many years, has allowed me into her kitchen and if you want to have a look at how she makes her very popular and delicious spread please click here.

Here are some pictures and the link to their site which will give you a deeper understanding 
of their work is on the captions of my video {link above}.

Have fun, I sure did!!!!

Look at this colour!!! it is amazingly green...

The Herbs
Perfect balance of flavours and each and everyone 
of them have healing properties


 Blitzing the Herbs one by one
after they have been carefully weighed and chopped by hand

 Adding the Golden Balm: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Special Touch...the Petals...

 Steph, bottling the Herb Spread

 This contraption is just fantastic {Wendy has used a keg normally used for beer making and took the top off. She asked a company in Auckland to develop a special blender for it and designed this 'bottom' so the bottling was done efficiently and mess free...Such a great idea!!!!

The labelling machine looks like an old movie projector 
So beautiful...

In case you wanna see the video again, please click here.

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