Rocket Pesto

This is delicious and so simple to make.

This is what I make whenever I have left over rocket leaves. I also add whatever other herbs, leaves or edible flowers I have in the fridge that maybe won't be used so soon.

I hate wasting food and it is so difficult when you cook for one or have left overs from dinner parties.

It is not exactly a traditional pesto as there is no basil, pine nuts or cheese, but you can add them if you wish. This is more like a herbal sauce.

I serve with with my low carb bread {toasted or not}, BBQ meats or fishes, mix or with pasta or on top of pasta, boiled eggs and/or as a salad dressing and for that all you have to do is add a little cider vinegar and wow: you have a green vibrant dressing!

You will need:

1 clove garlic {I do leave the skin on}
1 cup of young rocket leaves
1/4 cup flat leaf parsley {optional, but it gives it bulk and harmonizes the sauce}
6 nasturtium leaves and stalks {optional, but it makes it amazing}
green or red chilli {optional}
a generous pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper
a big glug of extra virgin olive oil

On a heavy mortar {or a food processor} bash the garlic, chillies {if using} with the salt and once broken and smashed, add the leaves, herbs and/or flowers bit by bit. Pound them until they are as coarse as you like.
I like to have it rustic so it it does not look like green juice. Add the olive oil and stir the pestle around to amalgamate everything. Adjust the salt and pepper and serve it.

It keeps in the fridge in a sealed container or jam jar for about a week, for that you may want to cover it with olive oil so that the leaves won't go dark.

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