Lisbon...Just Delicious...

On my way to see my folks before I begin my year long trip, 
I stopped in Lisbon to see an old friend, Sueli, who has been living there for the last few years. She showed me her Lisbon, 
which is absolutely Heavenly...
Here are some pictures that show what a delicious time we had!!!!
It is a Beautiful city, people are very Nice and Warm, 
food is Inspiring and it is very affordable! 
Don't hesitate...Book your ticket!!!

Queijadinha and Coffee


You know you are in Heaven when you order house wine and get a delicious glass for 2.5 euros.
 Special and Lovely happy Hour @ Botequim Nicola near the Nossa Senhora da Graça Church

Alheira, my breakfast

Salt Cod...Trigueirinho Style {I died and gone to Heaven}

Goat's Cheese

Sueli, my darling friend

The absolute PEAK of my food experience for a LONG LONG LONG time...
Trigueirinho Largo dos Trigueiros 17
1100 Lisbon
218 881 219
You will NEVER eat food like the one they serve there, never!!!!

Roast Chestnut Lady

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