Japanese Inspired Salmon Trout

I am a massive fan of raw fish, but hesitant of preparing it with fish when I do not purchase it from a fishmonger.
Last week I, for the first time, bought 2 fillets of salmon trout from my local supermarket, as I got to know and trust the Greek Fishmonger that works behind the fish counter.

This is a very simple way of preparing it and, like all my other recipes, very easy to prepare and Delicious.

My friend was coming over for dinner and with a glass of wine each, were very Happy with our starter...

You will need:

1 fillet of salmon trout per person {the taller the better, you can also use fresh tuna fish}

3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon finely chopped spring onions
1 fresh lime {juice- if you want you can also add the zest}
1 tablespoon toasted sesame seed oil
Chilli oil to taste {optional}

Make the dip first and leave it to marinate until the fish is ready to serve.
Mix all the ingredients and adjust the measurements to suit your taste.

Remove the skin from the trout and discard it.
Heat an heavy griddle or a non stick pan until almost smoking and place the fish on it. Cook without moving it around until you see it has been cooked for 0.5cm and then repeat the procedure on the other side. Remove and let it cool for a couple of minutes or if you have asbestos hands, like I do, you can slice it in 1 cm pieces and serve with the dip and a glass of wine, sake or any beverage of your taste.

Please note that for the trout you do not need to use oil as it will release quite a bit of its oils the minute it hits the pan, if the pan is hot enough. Please don't be afraid to try this, it is fool proof.
if you are using tuna fish, massage a teaspoon of oil on the actual tuna steak and then lower it to the pan and proceed the same way as if cooking the trout.

Have fun, experiment with any tall, fresh fish and enjoy!!!!

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