Spring Blossoms Salad

It is Spring, apparently...
I thought I would make a Flower salad to brighten up my table...
I got a purple carrot and a bulb of fennel at my favourite organic market in London, Borough Market and got home really excited to pick some flowers from my garden...

Even if you cannot eat the flowers, in case they are not organic, making this dish is so easy and it makes your table look so lovely, that I invite you to try.
If you do not have purple carrots you can use orange ones. You can also use radishes or any root vegetable that has a darker colour on the outside, like courgettes.
It will also look stunning...

Little girls will LOVE this way of eating carrots, certainly this is the only way you get me eating them...

You will need:

1 carrot peeled with a wavy, ruffling peeler
1 bulb of fennel cut lengthwise in thin shaves {keep the tips to spread around the dish}
Mustard cress
Edible flowers
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Sea salt to taste
Cider vinegar to taste

Peel the carrots and chop them in thin 0.2 cm slices. Rub a very tiny bit of olive oil on them so they do not go whitish.
In a bowl, season the fennel and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
Plate in a way that pleases your eyes the most and leave some space on the plate to pile the fennel salad.

Impress Your.Self and your guests!!!!!

Enjoy Spring!!!!!!!

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