Flowery Ice, Pretty Water...

A lover of pretty things, I insist in making use of edible flowers in my food...

I believe that you do eat with your eyes first and, as I am in constant need to feed myself
 with lovely things, I ordered pretty edible flowers.
After I used them for salads, antipastos, pastes and garnishes I still had some leftovers and decided to take this a step further.

I made flowery ice which is a simple, easy and fun thing to do.

Get all the edible flowers you can find or choose only your favourite.
It depends on the occasion I choose one type or a few different ones. 

Add the flowers to a half filled tray after the squares
 {or whatever tray shape you choose}
 are almost frozen. 

After you add the flowers fill the tray with more water pushing the blossoms 
deeper with enough care not to bruise them.
Put the tray back in the freezer and wait until completely frozen.

This is what the ice cubes looked like.

Now add them to a glass of water or some coconut water {I have even made the flowery ice with white wine to use it in wine for a special occasion}.

You can eat the flowers after the ice has dissolved as they are edible and hopefully organic!

Have fun and enjoy a beautiful glass of any clear drink that will make you 
and your guests feel incredibly special.

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