Thai Chicken Laab

Thai Chicken Laab... Heavenly...
One of my favourite Thai dishes and so easy to make.
This is a little fusion version of it as I omitted the ground roasted and ground sticky rice as I eat a high protein diet.
If you do not have or do not like any of the ingredients, use the ones you have.
I like to serve it on a bed of gem or iceberg lettuce as the crunchiness and varied textures make me Smile. Every time.

You will need:

200g minced chicken thigh {turkey or pork}
1/4 cup of boiling water or stock
1 or 2 bulbs of lemongrass bashed with a knife and cut into very thin slices {use only the softer part}
Juice of one lime
Fish sauce {nam pla}
1 red chilli sliced finely
1 spring onion sliced finely
1 small red onion in thin slices {or 6 shallots}
Fresh mint leaves chopped roughly
Thai coriander leaves chopped roughly

On a non stick pan, put the water and the meat and let it boil, turn it down and stir to break the lumps. When cooked {about 2 minutes} add lemongrass and chilli stir and immediately turn it off. Add lime juice and fish sauce. Add the red onions or shallots, the spring onion and the herbs. Adjust the seasoning.
Serve warm or cold on a bed of crunchy lettuce and get ready for a bang of marvelous flavours.

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