Vietnamese Salad

I love this Salad and have tried to replicate it on a post I published a few weeks ago and came up with the recipe for one of my salad dressings. Amazing taste.
{click here to see the recipe for Asian Salad Dressing}. 

This time, you and I are very lucky because Nee, from the Blue Diamond, has allowed me into her kitchen to film her making it so click here to watch the very easy steps 
to making a Salad that will change your life!
Have fun and enjoy it!!!
{oh! I added a picture of my fave dessert she makes: 
Vegan Apple Crumble, you just HAVE to try it!!! }

Below are some pictures I took there on my delicious visit.

But first the recipe:
You will need:
Shredded cucumber
Shredded carrots
Shredded cabbage
1 ripe tomato cut in 6/8
Pounded Garlic, chillies and demerara sugar to your taste
Pounded roast peanuts
Pak chi farang- Thai coriander {or coriander}
Lime juice 
Soy sauce or fish sauce
Ripped romaine lettuce 
Cashew nuts to garnish and crunch with style

In a bowl, mix the lime juice and the soy sauce and add the rest of the  ingredients except the lettuce and the cashew nuts. Mix well together until you see the peanuts has released some creaminess and the salad is coated in juice {the cucumber and tomatoes will help do that}. Add the lettuce mix quickly and serve with the cashews on top. 
HAVE FUN!!!!!!

35/1 Soi 9, T Moon Muang
7am-9pm Mon-Sat

 Nee and I 

 Pak Chi {Thai Coriander}

 Vegan Apple Crumble from Heaven 

 Vegetables and fruits from her shop

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